Feb. 25 update from the municipality


Total Positive Cases: 619

Active Positive Cases: 20

Cases in Past Seven Days: 6 (Highest seven-day total: 39, 12/12-18/20)

Cases in Past 14 Days: 16 (Highest 14-day total: 66, 12/8-21/20)

Positive Cases Isolation Complete: 578

Negative Test Results: 10303

Deaths: 21

  • Probable positive deaths: 13**
  • Average age of positive cases: 47.6
  • Average age of deaths: 87
  • Hospitalized: 31
  • Healthcare workers: 10
  • EMS/First Responders: 0
  • Non-Resident EMS/First Responders: 8

*Total positive cases is the sum of active positive cases plus isolation complete plus deaths.

**Probable death counts are now being reported by PHD: 13 total probable deaths have been announced through evaluation of death certificates and cross referencing with line lists from long-term care centers.

Mercer County Vaccination Data


Active positive cases no longer reported by the municipality 

There are cases at Princeton University. Only the cases of university staff members who are Princeton residents are included in the town’s numbers.

Mercer County cases

  • New cases since last report: 461
  • Positive tests: 25,844
  • Deaths: 836
  • Probable Positive Deaths: 39