March 25 Update


Total Positive Cases: 648

Active Positive Cases:

Cases in Past Seven Days: 13 (Highest seven-day total: 39, 12/12-18/20)

Cases in Past 14 Days: 22 (Highest 14-day total: 66, 12/8-21/20)

Positive Cases Isolation Complete: 602

Negative Test Results: 10335

Deaths: 21

  • Probable positive deaths: 13**
  • Average age of positive cases: 47.6
  • Average age of deaths: 87

*Total positive cases is the sum of active positive cases plus isolation complete plus deaths.

**Probable death counts are now being reported by PHD: 13 total probable deaths have been announced through evaluation of death certificates and cross referencing with line lists from long-term care centers.

Mercer County cases

  • Positive tests: 28,243
  • Deaths: 852
  • Probable Positive Deaths: 43

Mercer County vaccinations