March 18 Update

Princeton Covid-19 Daily Update with Mayor Liz Lempert

In Yesterday’s covid-19 update from governor Phil Murphy, the governor focused on the correlation between the spread of Covid-19 as it pertains to the number of hospital beds that would be available. Social distancing and isolation could mean big benefits when it comes to being able to treat the most severely ill amongst Covid-19 victims. We know the numbers will rise but what is even more important is that we know we can have an impact when it comes to keeping those numbers down. Another important factor in creating a successful social distancing effort is the support system for the infirmed and shut-in, non-ambulatory, elderly and families in crowded living conditions. Click this link to learn more about what is happening in Princeton to assist those who need it during this period of social distancing and isolation. We must remember that as more testing becomes available, The number of positive tests will also begin to rise exponentially. That is simply because more people can be infected and not be aware because they only show minor symptoms. And that is at the very root of what allows this virus to spread. Not giving this virus an opportunity to spread is our best defense to protect those among us who would not be able to survive being infected. So as the process of social distancing continues, why not pick up your phone or other device and talk to other people you know and share the ideas that you and your friends and family are still able to do to cope. Our social lives have certainly been modified, but there is still a way forward. Employment is also a huge issue. Businesses large and small are suffering tremendous losses as social distancing becomes the new normal. If you have questions regarding sick leave, unemployment, or other work related issues visit

Posted by Princeton, NJ Government on Wednesday, 18 March 2020